Out of Nowhere

Matthew 25:35 For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me,

Day 27 — 19.94 Miles — Villandangos to Astorga, May 24. 

We had to walk about one mile before reaching the town of Villandangos this morning.  The hostel that we stayed in last night was located just before the town.  The “hostel” was called Hotel Aviendo III.  The location added another mile to our walk today but the food was good. Maybe the extra mile was worth the good food.

The walk out of town took us through a wooded area covered in cottonwood snow.  The cottonwood snow is pretty but it still causes sneezing.  The remainder of the walk was on a gravel path that ran a fairly close parallel to the highway. Along one section of the path, Ron found plants that seemed to attract snails by the hundreds. Will the plants survive the ravenous snails?

The Way occasionally has alternate routes to chose. The alternates routes are usually longer and sometimes are more difficult. We choose to take a slightly longer scenic route. A gravel path was still on the scenic route but the road noise was gone.  We came across another Camino Oasis. Out in the middle of nowhere, strangers provided food and drink for a donation.

We were ready for a break when we walked into the town of Hospital de Orbigo.  There is a bridge in the town that was  built over a bridge constructed by the Romans in approximately 489 AD.  It 1939 the bridge was named a National Treasure by Spain.It is now a pedestrian bridge as cars are no longer allowed to use the bridge. Tomorrow the town will hold a jousting contest in a large field next to the bridge.  The very old and the new continue to coexist in Spain.  We also spoke to Toby while we were in the town.

After leaving Hospital de Orbigo, we came upon another stone. It was inscribed with the scripture Mark 12:28-34 engraved on it.  The greatest commandment is written in Mark 12:28-34. Cross #30 was hung over the rock that was shaped like Idaho.

Just before the town of Astorga came into view, the Cruceiro de Santo Toribio appears.  The cross commemorates the 5th century Bishop Toribio from Astorga who fell to his knees on this location after he was banished from the town. From the base of the cross, Astorga can been seen below (in the distance).  Our hostel in Astorga was finally reached about 5:00 pm.  We could see the beautiful buildings and cathedrals as we walked down the hill and into the valley. The buildings and cathedrals in Spain continue to amaze us.

Showers, shopping and a haircut were our next objectives.  My hair is now shorter than Ron’s.  (I can see the shocked look on your face!)  A “pixie” cut is much easier to maintain and hair grows back.  We also purchased a suitcase in Astorga to ship items ahead to Santiago that we are not using such as sleeping bags, shoes and other miscellaneous items that add weight to one’s back pack.  The hostel in which we have a reservation in Santiago will hold it until we arrive.  

Foncebadon is our next stop. Buen Camino. Sharon & Ron

7 thoughts on “Out of Nowhere

  1. Hi guys
    I have been following your blog posts and thinking about your adventure. I assume you already know you are on quest of a lifetime. You will look back on your achievement and be proud. The photos you take are beautiful. Remember to take photos of the people you meet.
    (That was Ken’s advise to me)
    Happy trails. As we used to say in the Army “you do more before 9am, then most people do all day.”
    I am back to reality working on my house and I actually think I will be finished by August.
    Tom Shortell
    Aka Brooklyn

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tom. The internet connections have been very bad lately. We are about 4 days behind on posting blogs due to the problem. We will walk into Santiago tomorrow. It is hard to believe. Good luck on your house!


    2. Hi Tom. I am hoping this reaches you and does not go to your junk mail. It has been one year since we were walking on the Camino. Ron and I have often wondered how you are and if your house is finished. We would love to have a way to contact you. If you use Facebook, you can find me under Sharon Freund Pursell. Or, you can text me at 208-342-4087. We have contact with people who know of you but no one knows how to contact you.


  2. Thought you’d like to know that Trotwood, Ohio, was hit by a massive tornado last night, Monday, at 11:00pm. Search and rescue going on. Mayor of Trotwood said the damage was catastrophic, extensive, and unbelievable. I’ve seen the pictures and am wondering if Mom & Dad’s old house got hit/leveled. Other areas around and in Dayton were badly hit, too. Wright-Patterson was skipped over.
    We have been having lots of very bad weather with tornadoes that have caused deaths in all the usual tornado prone states. Last 2 days here & other previous days there have been tornado watches and warnings. Today just thunderstorms, but again for tomorrow, it is supposed to be ripe for tornadoes here. Oh, well, it’s that time of the year. At least the cottonwood trees haven’t started up as yet, but they will.
    Hope your journey continues with no major problems. I really am enjoying the pictures and your notes. Have Ron take a picture of your pixie haircut. Last time I had one was when I was 15. Love,


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