The Beet

Genesis 11:5-7 But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

Day 23 — 16.93 Miles — El Burgo Ranero to Puente Villarente, May 23.  The Way continues to be straight and sometimes narrow.  It parallels a paved road the majority of the walk now.   We have wondered if being lost in one’s thoughts means we will miss seeing something special along The Way.  I think not.  We can look up and see normal views that for the first time look special.  We came across another memorial marker on The Way.  Cross #26 was placed on the marker.  

We have occasionally walked by a German couple or they have walked by us.  We exchange our “Buen Camino’s” in passing.  We do not speak German and they do not speak English. On one particular occasion, we came upon them stopped in the path looking at something on the ground.  As we approached the man held out his held excitedly and said something.  All we heard was beet! He held a very large dead bug in his hand.  It was either a huge fly or a huge bee.  Per Google translate, what sounded like beet to us was biene. We smiled, paused to look and say bee.  They smiled and said yah beet!  Buen Camino!

Later in the morning, we saw the German couple ahead of us again.  This time they had walked off the path across a ditch into a field.  The man saw us approaching and started yelling excitedly again.  This time the word sounded like “ork”.  They are fellow pilgrims so we crossed the ditch and walked into the the field. Was there was a problem?  The woman was taking a picture of something on the ground as we approached.  The man kept saying “ork” but then said what sounded like “id”.   Orchid!   The field had small wild orchids growing in it amongst the weeds.  We took a picture which made the man smile.  We smiled back.  All of us said Buen Camino and we were off on our separate walks.  

Wild Orchids in a Field

As the path entered the town of Puente Villarente, a rock carved with 1st John 2:1-6 had been placed along The Way.  Cross #27 was hung over the stone. 

Cross #27

Our lodging for the night was in another hostel.  We have been able to book lodging in hostels that offer a single room for two people.  The room is more expensive than a shared room with bunk beds but the expense is well worth the cost.  The cost is minimal at about $40.00 per night.  The majority of hostels serve a peregrino (pilgrim) dinner and a small breakfast in the mornings.  The portion sizes at dinner are large.  The first course choices are salad, spaghetti or soup.  The second course one has a choice between chicken, fish and pork. The desert choices are fruit, ice cream, flan or rice pudding.  The large portions are devoured by everyone.  Leftovers do not exist at peregrino dinners.  All dinners include bread and wine. The portion sizes seem small to us. We have both lost weight. 

Two new people entered our Way today. Emily from Denmark walked past us very fast and limping. We passed her later and she passed us again. Two surgeries on her knee were causing her to have problems. She is only in her 20’s. Rachel ate dinner with us. She is from New York. She told us during dinner about a nightmare hostel story that was spreading through the Camino hotline. She had talked with Toby!

Leon is our destination tomorrow! Ah….rest and relaxation. Buen Camino. Sharon and Ron

One thought on “The Beet

  1. I hope your weather has been drier. The approach to Leon is largely uphill until the edge of town, where we took a long, steep, slippery descent thru mud that refused to come off our shoes. I gained 2″ and about 3-4 pounds!
    I love the German couple walking through a field of weeds to find an orchid. The Camino was calling to them!
    You will love Leon. Lots of history, architecture and great restaurantes! And you’ve finished the Meseta!
    Buen Camino.


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