The Shire?

Hebrews 3:4 For every house is build by someone but God is the builder of everything.

Day 21 — 10.97 Miles — Ledigos to Sahagún, May 18.  Today started with a good breakfast at the hostel.  They served more than toast!.  We had Spanish omelets which are called tortillas.  Ed and Melissa from Tennessee ate with us.  The temperature was only 36 degrees with a wind so it was cool again.  Cool is better than hot. 

In the village of Moratinos, there were hobbit dwellings that looked like houses in The Shire from the  “Lord of the Rings” books.  Ed, Melissa and Toby walked in the cafe just as we were leaving to go have a look at The Shire.  Of course, a yellow arrow pointed The Way and the path took us past The Shire.  We had a good laugh when we read the sign in front of The Shire dwellings.  It said, “No, the hobbits don’t live here.” The dwellings were actually bodegas.  An explanation is below.  

It felt good to reach Sahagún for two reasons.  It was chilly and Sahagún is the official halfway point of the Camino.  We calculated our mileage at 275.7.  The halfway point is computed as a straight line and we are not walking a straight line so our mileage equals more than halfway. After checking into our hostel, we walked to the Monastery de Santa Cruz/Museum to purchase our official certificate verifying that we have walked to the halfway point.  The certificate is beautiful however it is written in Latin.  A translation was provided with the certificate. 

Andy from the UK who we met in Ledigos was at the museum to get his certificate.  He also was staying at our hostel that night.  

In the morning, we are headed to El Burgo Ranero.  Buen Camino.  Sharon Ron

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