Hansel and Gretel

Luke 2:18 And He said, “See to it that you are not misled for many will come in My name, saying ‘I am He,’ and, ‘The time is near’ Do not go after them.

Day 22 — 10.97 Miles — Sahagún to El Burgo Ranero, May 19. The walk was short today.  How can a walk that is over 10 miles be considered short? The Way continues to be on flat, straight, gravel paths.  The scenery is monotonous.  It is easy to understand how this part of the Camino is thought to test one mentally.   We walk long distances lost in thoughts that wander through our heads as we are wandering through the countryside. I wonder what we miss as we are walking lost in thought.  Fortunately, a pilgrim’s memorial marker that was along the path caught our attention.  Cross #24 was left on the marker.  Toby walked by us after the cross was hung on the memorial. He said seeing the cross made him think of the story about Hansel and Gretel. He saw the cross and knew we were in front of him.

Cross #24

We arrived in El Burgo Ranero.  The Camino path took us past the church.  Other pilgrims were looking up at the church. There were a number of storks with nests on top of the steeple.  We continued to our hostel and noticed an elderly woman  sitting outside in front of a house. Her walker was in front of her. She appeared to be people watching.  No one was acknowledging that she was there.  Her loneliness called to me.  She was given Cross #25. 

As we are checking into our hostel, Toby arrives.  We seem to be on the same schedule and making reservations at the same hostels.  Later that afternoon, Kathy walked by with her sister Karen.  Karen had flown in from Oklahoma to finish the walk with Kathy.  All of us plan to take an extra day in Leon to rest.  We all wonder if our paths will cross in such a big city.  

Our next stop is Puente Villarente.  Leon is on the horizon!  Buen Camino.  Sharon and Ron

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