The Yellow Arrow

Psalm 91:5 You will not be afraid of the terror by night, or of the arrow that flies by day.

Day 20 — 15.34 Miles — Carrión de Los Condes to Ledigos, May 17.  Today was cold and windy.  Down jackets, gloves and ear warmers were necessary.  The wind was coming at us from our right side.  The side wind was easier to walk in than the head wind that was blowing at us last week.  

This section of the Camino is actually over a Roman road.  The Roman road was no longer visible as it had been covered with dirt and gravel.  The road was straight and in the middle of crop fields.  There were not many trees for wind breaks.  No cafes or towns were along this section of the Camino. There was a food truck however about 5 miles along the road.  We were like horses heading to the barn… stopping, just walking. 

Stone Placed at the Beginning of the 12 K Roman Path

A few stops were made to take pictures.  Only two pictures were taken of the scenery.  The remainder were taken of different Camino markers that show pilgrims “The Way”.  A very lovely color was chosen to mark “The Way”.  Yellow is the color of the Camino.  Any other color arrow is ignored except green.  A green arrow indicates an alternate route.  When the trail takes an unknown turn, the yellow arrow that points The Way could be on the road, a building, a light post or a sign.  

At one place, the trail crossed a highway and started down a trail on the other side of the road. We came upon another rock with a scripture verse inscribed on it.  Cross #23 was hung over the rock.  The inscription said Matthew 5:1-20 which is the Beatitudes.  I wondered if every pilgrim can find himself in one of the verses. 

Matthew 5:1-20

Different stone markers began to appear along the path as we approached Ledigos. They paralleled the road. We saw about twenty. Each one said “Mort” on it. A Google search, revealed that mort means sudden death. The stone markers are probably the equivalent of white crosses in the US that mark where someone died along a highway.

We stopped in Ledigos and checked into a nice hostel.  A hostel is always nice when one has a private room.  Toby checked in after us.  We also saw Ed and Melissa from Tennessee for the second time. I met Andy from the UK at the washing machine and Ron met him while having a beer with Toby.  We had a nice dinner together. 

The walk for tomorrow is to Sahagún.  Buen Camino.  Sharon and Ron

4 thoughts on “The Yellow Arrow

  1. They have been quite creative with their arrows! But I’m confused. The Chapel in the picture “arrow on the bridge” is just outside Sahagun, but you aren’t arriving there until tomorrow? I look forward to comparing notes when you get back!
    Buen Camino! Sahagun is the mid-point of the Camino France’s!


  2. Loved seeing the dots on the road again. I stopped at a cafe after following them for a quick breakfast bite.


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