La Meseta

Deuteronomy 34:1 Then Moses went up from the desert plateau of Moab to Mount Nebo, to the top of Pisgah, Jericho, and Yahweh showed him all of the land, Gilead up to Dan.

Day 17 — 13.45 Miles, Tardajos to Hontanas, May 14.   We started later today than usual as it is only thirteen miles to Hontanas.  Before we started on our walk, two crosses were placed in our hostel.  Cross #21 was left by the register at La Fábrica (our hostel last night).  Cross #22 was left on a pillow in our room for the maid.  

Starting late was a mistake.  We are now walking through La Meseta.  La Meseta is Spanish for plateau.  A plateau looks similar to a bench in Boise or a bluff in the Midwest.  There are not many trees and it was hot.  Numerous stops were made at widely spaced cafes for cool drinks and cold water. 

The first stop was in Rabe de los Calzada for delicious Spanish orange juice.  Ukka from Finlind was in the cafe and introduced himself.  He recognized us from our hats with the Boise State Bronco logos. Ukka has been walking with Marshall from Boise.  The owner of the cafe, Jose, has a wall with US dollar bills tacked to it.  Each bill had a note written on it. Of course, we tacked up one of our dollar bills.  Our note said, “Footprints On The Way, 2019, Boise, ID, Sharon and Ron”. When Jose saw that we were tacking up a dollar, he gave both of us a St. Christopher necklace.  Jose was given cross #23..

In the late morning, we stopped on the side of path for a foot check.  We think our feet are past the point of major blisters but we still stop occasionally to check them.  During one of our stops, Ian and Patricia from Wales road up to us on their bikes.  We never expected to see them again.  They stayed in Burgos two days to wait for the bikes.   We said goodbye again. 

The temperature continued to climb.  We walked into the next village, Hornillos del Camino, looking for a cafe.  The first cafe was very busy therefore we continued to the next cafe. Surprise…..Ian, Patricia, Kathy who we met in Madrid and JoAnn who we met the first day in Orisson were all sitting around a table.  Although none of us have walked together, everyone knew each other.  The Camino world is small.  

Hontanas was finally on the horizon.  We walked slowly into town as we were very tired. Maybe the “mental” part of the Camino is starting for us. Others have said that the middle of the Camino can be mentally challenging. We were soon smiling though as Toby from Sweden was sitting at a table. He started the Camino with us on 4/28 and shared the room with us in the “Nightmare Hostel”. Yukeko from Japan who we met on our first day in Orisson was also sitting at a table.

The Way has taken us over 200 miles. Next stop Boadilla.  Buen Camino.  Sharon and Ron.

2 thoughts on “La Meseta

  1. Good idea to keep an eye on your feet!
    Although distances are always subject to interpretation, I found ancient markers and a number of establishments in Sahagun designated as the mid-point of the Camino. Regardless, you are doing great and I love that you are continuing to meet familiar faces everywhere. Enjoy La Meseta! It is beautiful.


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