The Factory

Isaiah 61:4 They shall build up the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former devastations; they shall repair the ruined cities, the devastations of many generations.

Day 16 — 7.14 Miles – Burgos to Tardajos, May 13.  We decided on a short walk today as yesterday was hard on our feet, knees, hips etc.  Walking on concrete for about eight miles is hard on one’s body.  We walked three miles on concrete just to get out of Burgos.  Burgos was a nice city though.  

We left Burgos at 11 am therefore not many pilgrims were on the trail with us.  Toby from Sweden who started the Camino on the same day as us was on the path.  Toby had also shared the room with us in the horrific hostel in Ages.  He had decided to stay in Burgos until later in the morning also.  

We did not take many pictures as the wind started blowing again.  It was not as bad the previous windy day but we were glad when we arrived in our “dream” hostel.  As we were walking into town, Ron spotted an old run down building.  He later told me that he thought we were in for another hostel nightmare.  The old run down building was indeed our hostel, La Fábrica (The Factory).   It was anything but run down.  As we walked up to it, we realized that is was in very good condition.  The owner explained that the building was an old water mill.  He completely gutted the building but kept the outside walls. The inside had been rebuilt.  It was a very nice hostel.  We had a private room again for only $45.00.  The food was great. Bridgette  and Marteen also checked into the hostel for the night.  Ron decided it should get a 5 star rating and I agree. 

We have now walked just over 200 miles. Tomorrow we will walk from Tardajos to Hontanas.  Buen Camino!  Sharon and Ron

7 thoughts on “The Factory

  1. Yay finally a honey moon sweet. This looks like a lovely place with a beautiful view to enjoy a glass of wine. Buen Camino


  2. Enjoy the luxury suite. Tomorrow you officially enter The Meseta. Dirt roads will be your friend! Enjoy it’s beauty in contrast to the big cities like Burgos. It is a wonderous place to let your mind roam.
    Buen Camino!


  3. Sharon, you could easily be a syndicated travel writer. Connie and I have followed your adventures and we are happy for you both. It appears to be the trip of a lifetime. Keep up the posting. Your story telling is to be admired. I am sure my old friend Ron is also enjoying more than the wine flowing from the fountains.


    1. It is the trip of a lifetime and thank you for the writing compliment but becoming a travel writer is not in my plans. Sounds like you are recovering and on the mend. Ron is glad to hear from you.


  4. Sharon I am moved by your ability to find just the right scripture to weave into each days journey. Is this something that comes to you in the meditation of walking where you are drawn to a few key words? You really make me want to do this!


    1. Glad you are enjoying the scripture. It does come naturally via Google. I read the Bible but need help in finding the right verse. However, each verse is picked based on the day’s experience.


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