Interior Pictures of the Cathedral de Santa Maria XIII in Burgos

Construction of the cathedral began in 1221. The cathedral was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on October 31, 1984. The website address for more cathedral information is The website can be read in Spanish or English.

4 thoughts on “Interior Pictures of the Cathedral de Santa Maria XIII in Burgos

  1. I am really surprised you didn’t have to stay at any 😱 HHOAH’s (Hell Hole Of A Hostel) before now! Did you check for bedbugs and cooties? LOL I thought most of them would be that way and have been pleasantly surprised that all the others have been nice places. Shows what I know.
    We’ve had a couple of times on trips when we had to stay in less than pleasant places. The first was on our wedding night. 🤔Or maybe that is just my memory from loosing my virginity.😲 I might have already told you that tale. The other was a B&B in Maine that reminded me of the Stephen King book, The Shining. Remind me to tell you about them when you get back home.
    The cathedral is beautiful.Can you imagine, if the Catholic Church would use all its accumulated wealth to help mankind more than they do now, what a difference it could make? The Church has to be worth lots more than Bill and Melinda Gates, who are really making a difference.
    Did we go as a family to see Charlton Heston in El Cid? I saw it but don’t recall with whom. Mom hated epic movies, so Dad would take us without her. I know for sure he took us without Mom to The Ten Commandments and probably Ben Hur, too.
    As the Muslims steadily take over areas, they destroy any churches, temples, statues, etc. from other religions. In the exact place of the churches/temples they then build a mosque, or they just change the church, temple building into a mosque. They have done this to Bhuddist, Hindus, Sikh, Christian religious buildings, etc. worldwide. Google Dearborn, Michigan for an example. Anyway, I thought of this as I looked at your pictures of the church. Wait a shame it would be to lose that to the Muslim caliphate.
    Your pictures are enthralling. Safe journey. Keeping you both in my prayers.🙏🎚


  2. Wonderful pictures of this magnificent Cathedral. The primary architectural style is Gothic, but luckily, for maintenance reasons, parts are in the Baroque style. This is good because if it’s not Baroque they won’t fix it!


  3. Absolutely mind blowing how they achieved such beauty so long ago I cant even imagine how long it took and how they passed the architectural vision from one artist to another what a treat.


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