A Parting Sadness

Second Thessalonians 3:16   Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times in every way.  The Lord be with you all. 

Day 15 – 14.34 Miles, Ages to Burgos, May 12.  The hostel accommodations were a nightmare but we found a really nice small restaurant for breakfast.  We talked to Yukiko from Japan.  Ken, Renee and their kids took our table when we were leaving the restaurant.  It was 36 degrees outside with frost when we started walking.   The first town after Ages is Atapuerca.  The earliest human remains ever found in Europe were found in Atapuerca. The site was discovered while a rail line was cut to nearby mines.  It is estimated that the human activity dates back 1.5 million years.  The work is ongoing at the site.  

After leaving the town, the trail started up hill to Cruz de Matagrande which is a wooden cross located at 3,543 feet.  Cross #20 was left at the wooden cross. It was really cold as the wind was blowing so we did not linger but started down another difficult rocky decent.  

Tom from New York passed us and said goodbye.  We came upon  Renee and the kids again about five miles from Burgos.  We will not see them again also as they are taking a train farther up the trail so their walk is completed in time for them to go home.  The remainder of the walk into Burgos was on pavement.  No one walking the Camino likes to walk for long distances on pavement.  It is hard on the feet and joints.  

Our hostel was in a hotel.  We had a private room with a bathroom.  Some hotels here double as hostels.  The room rates are low but the conditions are much nicer plus the hotels get business.  We toured the unbelievable Cathedral de Santa Maria XIII.  The inside pictures of the Cathedral will be in a separate post.  The pictures do not come close to demonstrating the beauty of the cathedral.  (My Pentax camera was just too heavy to carry on this walk.)

We did see Ken, Renee and their children one last time tonight.  They were returning from having gelato and we were going to dinner.  We exchanged blog addresses so we can keep in touch.  They are a special family.  

Ian and Patricia bumped into us after we left the family so we had a final dinner with them.  They are renting bikes to continue the Camino.

Tomorrow we walk to Tardajos.  Buen Camino!  Sharon and Ron

2 thoughts on “A Parting Sadness

  1. It is quite a bit colder this year than last. Sorry about the bad advice…
    The weather here has been in the mid-80s! Good riding weather!


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