Blow’in in the Wind

Psalm 78:26 He caused the east wind to blow in the heavens And by His power He directed the south wind.

Day 13 — 14.93 Miles — Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Belorado, May 10. The Way exited Santo Domingo via a bridge that was built in 1185 by Domingo Garcia (Santo Domingo) to assist pilgrims crossing the river. The day looked ominous. Rain skirted around us all day. The wind started in the morning and did not let up all day. It was blowing about 20 miles per hour against us. We and our fellow pilgrims were very tired by the time Belorado was visible in the distance.

The walk in the wind continued through farm fields. The wheat blowing in the wind was a soothing site and helped to take our minds off the force that was battering us.

Our hostel tonight has beds for about 50 people. We are in a room with space for 26 people. The noise level will probably be high from snoring. When we walked up to the hostel, Tom from New York was standing in line waiting to register. He had no reservation therefore the chance of him getting a bed was slim. The Camino always provides. I had mistakenly booked three beds for the night for which we would be required to pay. Tom took the third bed. The Camino took care of us and him. We had dinner with Tom that night along with Ian and Patricia from Wales. Tom was kind and bought us all dinner in celebration of walking the Camino on our honeymoon.

In addition to the scallop shells that point The Way, Belorado has bronze tiles in the road with the footprint and handprints of Olympic athletes. The town, of course, has a church. We had our Camino passports stamped in the church before mass. Cross #18 was left on the table by the Camino stamp.

The walk tomorrow will be long. The next town that had beds for the night is about 17 miles away. Buen Camino! Sharon and Ron

2 thoughts on “Blow’in in the Wind

  1. I did not notice the Olympic Rings on the bronze castings until you mentioned it. Michael Indurian is not only an Olympian, but a five (consecutive) time Tour de France winner.
    Great pictures Sharon! Is Ron taking photos too?
    Buen Camino my friends. It sounds like you are really enjoying your honeymoon!


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