The Cycle of Life

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Day 8 —19.8 Miles Los Arcos to Logrono—Monday, May 6.   The truck stop was quiet and we slept well.  The truck stop’s restaurant was open and the food was good.  Life was good again!

The landscape has started to change. Mountains are being replaced by vineyards and orchards.  There was frost on the ground in the morning even though we were at a lower elevation.  The path still includes steep ascents and descents however there are longer periods of walking on a level surface.  Our feet have suffered from the steep downhill sections.  We now have feet that we are caring for like babies.  

The views of the villages has not changed.  The prominent feature is always an ancient beautiful church.  The villages of Sansol and Torres del Rio are on hilltops with a river below that separates the towns.  The locals are always friendly.  As they walk by us, we usually hear “Buen Camino”.  We were walking up a cobblestones street in Viana and met Tom from New York plus the Canadian family (Ken, Renee and their children). They were all stopping for the day in Viana. There was still a long way for us to walk.  

The Camino reflection of life is astounding or maybe we are just simply opening up to life.  We heard on the Camino grapevine that a 61 year man passed away from a heart attack while walking up to Alto de Perdon to see the  wrought iron pilgrim statues.  We have started to pass small memorials on The Way.  The memorials appear to be in memory of people who have died on the The Way or for love one’s who have died at home.  Cross #13 was left on a memorial to one of those people.  

The end of the walk today was in the company of a lady from Finland.  She was walking about two blocks in front of us.  She made a left turn and disappeared up a road.  When we reached the road, Ron noticed a big yellow X on the road not the standard yellow arrow that pointed The Way.  The lady had mad a wrong turn.  We started yelling.  She finally noticed and turned back but did not understand why we were yelling until she saw the X on the road.  It is easy to loose one’s “Way”.  The lady practiced her English with us for the next 5 or 6 miles until we reached Logrono.

We have walked over 100 as of today!  Buen Camino!    Sharon and Ron

2 thoughts on “The Cycle of Life

  1. Congrats on the first 100, you guys are doing great, and I am enjoying re-experiencing my walk with your blog.


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