Camino Memorials

Philippians 1:3 I thank my God in all my remembrance of you.

Day 10 — 9.05 Miles — Logrono to Navarrete , Tuesday, May 7.  Tired feet meant a shorter walk today.  The walk out of Logrono was a walk through a park.  The park in Logrono lead to another park.  There are green belt paths in Spain also.  We walked for quite a distance in the company of local people who were out for their daily walks.  There were many a “Buen Camino” exchanged.  

We walked past Peter from Germany many times and he walked passed us.   Peter walks at a slow but steady pace.  We walk faster.  The story of the rabbit and the hare came to mind every time  we passed him.  He would eventually pass us when we stopped.  

The landscape stayed the same with orchards and vineyards but the view was still beautiful.  Another unusual “monument” is becoming prominent along The Way.  A chain link fence is adorned with handmade wooden crosses and other items left as memorials. Cross #14 was left hanging from the fence.  

Just before entering Navarrette, there is a ruin of a pilgrim hospital that was erected in 1185. It is hard to imagine that pilgrims have been on this same walk since after Christ died.  

We found our hostel and were settled in by 1:00 pm.  By 1:00 however, every town in Spain shuts down for the afternoon so we could not find lunch.  The church was open however and simply beautiful inside.  Brigette and Marteen entered the church as we were exiting.  We ate dinner that night with them, Neeko from Finland, and Brooklyn Tom.  Ken, Renee and their children arrived at our hostel for the night also.  As a side note, hostels have rules. Boots have to be removed at the door and stored on a shelf. At least the floors are clean!

We walk to Najera tomorrow. Buen Camino. Sharon and Ron

One thought on “Camino Memorials

  1. Take care of those feet! I started covering my sore spots with duct tape and had no more problems.
    You are doing well, and it sounds like you’ve already made many Camino friends!


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