Beautiful Music

Ephesians 5:19 Speaking to one another with psalms, hymns and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.

Day 11 — 11.2 Miles — Navarette to Najera, Wednesday, May 8.  The day started at 7:15 so we could eat breakfast at a local restaurant before leaving town.  We left town however as there were no restaurants open.  We did not walk through another town until we walked into Najera later in the morning.  Fortunately, food is packed everyday for the day’s walk.  The temperature when we left was 59 degrees and cloudy.  Today was a perfect walking day.  It was not too hot and not too cold.  

Our walk took us through orchards and vineyards again.  There was one wooded area in which we heard music.  Who would be out in the middle of nowhere playing a radio? We came around a curve in the path and there sat Miguel.  He was playing the guitar, harmonica and singing.  The song was about walking The Camino.  We stopped and listened with some women from Tasmania.   It was a pleasant break. Miguel was given cross #15.  He gave us each scallop shells which are a symbol of The Camino.   

In the middles ages, Camino pilgrimages were dangerous walks. Upon reaching Santiago, the pilgrims returned home with a scallop shell as proof they completed the pilgrimage. The shells are indigenous to the Galician coast. Today most pilgrims hang the shells from their back packs. The shells are used to mark the path of the The Way for pilgrims. They also symbolize that all paths lead to Santiago.

We walked into Najera in the early afternoon. Najera was the capital of Navarre in the 11th and 12th centuries.  The Monastery of Santa Maria de la Real is in Najera.  It is the final resting place of kings, queens and knights of Navarre.  No pictures were allowed to be taken inside the monastery.

It is time for some sleep.  Buen Camino.  Sharon and Ron

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