A Walk Back in Time

Deuteronomy 32:7 Remember the days of old; consider the years of many generations; ask your father, and he will show you, your elders, and they will tell you.

Day 7-April 4 – 5.81 Total Miles, Exploration of Estella, Spain.  Today was a day of rest and exploration. It was nice to sleep in.  Ron’s sister Kathy commented that we are walking through a museum every day.  We agree.  The history here is long and interesting.  We learn something new everyday.

The Church of San Pedro de La Rue was built in the 13th century.  It is on a hillside.  We wonder at how the masons were able to haul the large stones and set them in place.  The inside of the church is beautiful.  Stained glass windows, hand carved wood and masonry work were done by artisans.  Our pilgrim passports were stamped for the day by the church volunteer.  Cross #10 was left in the church.

Another climb up many flights of stairs was to the Church of St Michael.  The inside of the church was just as spectacular as the Church of San Pedro.  Both churches are still in use.

One can only wonder how the local parishioners can support such massive buildings. It is hard to imagine the history the churches have seen.  

We went browsing through the local shops. Carmelo was given cross #11. He is a local shop owner who does beautiful work with wood.

A bridge built by the Romans separates the churches.  It is steep and paved in rocks.  After all of the centuries that have passed, the bridge is still used by people but is too steep for modern cars.  

The modern town is active.  We watched a parade of Basque girls but do not know why they were having a parade.  It was very surprising to see children out playing in the town square with no adult supervision.  They play soccer, ride scooters, roller blade and just hang out.   This no longer seems to occur in the US which is sad.  We were reminded of when we were young and played outside all day.  

After eating this evening, we were walking back to our hostel and crossed paths with Yukiko from Japan who we met our first day out in Orisson.  We were all glad to see each other.  She had met another young lady from Japan and was walking with her. 

Tomorrow we are off to Los Arcos.  We have had to start using the internet to make reservations at hostels as the they are filling fast.  We are making reservations, two days out.  Buen Camino.  Sharon and Ron

6 thoughts on “A Walk Back in Time

  1. Every town has at its center (and often at the high point in town) a church. Could it be that, unlike many places in the US, the children are safe to play alone outside because their society is centered around the Church?


  2. Catching up now that we are back from the Yellowstone Photo Symposium. Thank you for the wonderful blog of your journey. Your Garmin watches must have tracked one of you for 19.95 miles and the other for 20 if you went up, back and around to take photos 🙂

    I am enjoying your cross gift stories and loved the steel pilgrim with the cross.

    If you miss the ups and downs over rocky terrain when you get home let me know and I will take you to some 🙂

    Of course the photographer in me is trying to figure out why sometimes there is a little meta data with the phone and other times there is not. Some of the portrait shutter speed seem off since the person would have had to hold extraordinarily still.

    My friend Eneida Sharif was born in northern Spain and now lives in Calgary. She did the Camino in 2017 and 2018. After 2017 she went home with the simplicity of living out of her pack mentality and jettisoned a lot of “stuff” and retired (she was a chemical engineer with Fluor). She also quit dying her hair and embraced the gray and her husband and two boys love the new Eneida. Hers was a Christian pilgrimage and walk through her homeland the first year and a Christian pilgrimage and journey with one of her sons on the second.

    It felt a bit odd reading about your musings on living out of your pack compared to caring for all your stuff at home on my iMac over high speed internet.

    She loved meeting some of the people she did along the Way, including herself as she put it. The first year her oldest son had a foot injury and had to sit out most of the journey with family in Spain. Eneida said she never felt alone with Christ always with her and He blessed her with many people to help her on the Way.

    God speed.


  3. Oh my. Putting my self in that time. Horse and wagons, donkey and cart. For that bridge. the history
    Blessing every day for you guys. Would have liked see inside of St. Michaels.
    Soak it all in..Love you two.


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