Flora, Snails, Rain Oh My!

Luke 12:27 Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.

Day 6- May 3–16 Miles, 19 Miles or 20 Miles (?)—Muruzábal to Estella. Our first day of rain started at 7:30. We were leaving 30 minutes earlier than normal as the walk today was expected to be 16 miles per the guide book. At the end of the day, we walked either 19 miles or 20 miles depending upon whose Garmin watch we were to believe. My watch said 19 miles and Ron’s said 20 miles. There were no detours or mistakes in our path. We walked together the entire time but somehow I lost a mile or Ron gained a mile. Either way 19 or 20 miles, it was a long day!

In the village of Obanos, the rain become heavy enough to warrant the use of rain ponchos. We choose ponchos as opposed the raincoats and pants as rain ponchos let air circulate. We did not heat up in our ponchos like others did in their coats and pants. In Obanos, we walked by the first old church of the day, San Juan Bautista.

Our pictures today focused on churches, flowers and other living things. It was too cloudy to take really good pictures but the flowers are starting to bloom. The temperature is still cool in the daytime but it is not freezing at night.

Walking in the rain makes for a great deal of time spent thinking, pondering and daydreaming. We can walk for long distances and not say a word. It is nice to be so compatible with one’s spouse that quiet times are comfortable.

As we walk every day, I think about how little we are carrying in our back packs. At home, there is all that “stuff”. Do we really need that “stuff” to be happy? We have been happy with the bare essentials. The freedom that one feels without having to care for and look after possessions is amazing.

Our next stop was in the village of Cirauqui. The view of the village on top of a hill was post card perfect. We stopped at a small cafe for omelets. The waitress was very friendly. She told us to start making reservations for our hostels 1 or 2 days in advance as the TV news indicated that 5,000 people had arrived in Spain to start walking The Way. She also talked passionately about the situation in Venezuela. Her name was Estitxu which is pronounced “E cheets tu”. She was given cross number 8.

After leaving Cirauqui, we walked to Lorca on an ancient Roman road. Once in Lorca, the flowers in front of houses because a focus. The houses are built right up to the streets. There are no front yards. Flowers are planted in pots and placed in front of the houses. It must be nice not mow a front yard!

We made it to Estella about 4:00 pm. While looking for a place to eat that night, we met Ken, his wife ReNee and their two young children from Toronto, Canada. They are walking the Camino as a family. It was Ken’s fourth Camino walk. As it was supper time, they were looking for a place to eat also. We followed them to a very good restaurant that had a “pilgrim’ menu. Pilgrim menus are separate menus for pilgrims only. The selection is limited but the food is good and there is a lot of it. We find that we are eating more than we normally eat. As Ken and his family were leaving the restaurant, he was given cross #9.

Tomorrow we are staying in Estella again. There are many places to visit and see. It is time for a rest. Buen Camino. Sharon and Ron.

Lesson for the week…Don’t believe the mileage noted in the guide book.

6 thoughts on “Flora, Snails, Rain Oh My!

  1. I think, but have never been able to confirm, that those trees are mature Olive trees. You will see a lot of them again in western Spain.
    Have you been warm enough in the evenings without your down gear, or would you choose to carry the extra weight?
    You haven’t mentioned your feet. How are they holding up?
    Buen Camino


    1. We have been warm in the evenings and in the mornings as we bought light down jackets in St Jean. It has been in the 30’s in the mornings and cool at night. So…..we will have two down jackets when we get home. Our feet have started to feel the downhill side of the Camino. I have a blister on a little toe and Ron has one on his big toe knuckle. We are out of the extremely hilly areas however so the pressure should ease a little. We took a break in Estella and spent an extra day there.


  2. First thought that popped into my mind was a Joshua tree. What kind is it? You can keep the snails. Taking the three gospels necklace with you gets my 👏🏻 👍🏻. Thanks for saving a cross for me. You are an excellent writer. Maybe you could get a small, independent publisher to publish your travels on the Way, or do it yourself. There are companies that help with that. You both look well and happy.😊 Hope your feet hold out. Having foot problems would be so awful.
    🙏For Both of You🎚 Love, Sis


  3. Stay well rested, hydrated, nourished, and safe! Beautiful and amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing this epic journey.


  4. Lovely flowers. Ron would pose next to a milk Thistle. But it is pretty variegated leaves.
    I have no idea what the tree is. Love the smooth bark. Olive tree has narly bark and skinny leaves I think.
    I’m glad your talking a day off. Get those blisters better. Then a smooth path will help a little.
    Love you guys


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