Monumental Views

1 Samuel 7:12 Then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpah and Shen, and named it Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.”

Day Five 12.04 Total Miles—Pamplona to Muruzábal. We left Pamplona as soon as possible this morning. Pamplona is a city rich in history but big. It was difficult to follow the Camino signs but the people were always willing to help us. We started walking out of the city and uphill.

The downhill sections of each day’s walk are starting to punish our feet. More downhill areas with rocks made up a good portion of the day’s walking. Hiking downhill on a rocky surface is not fun. We know three people who have fallen in the last two days. The views were spectacular though.

Everyday we pass people who started walking with us in Orisson. It is nice to keep in contact with each other. Just like in real life, information zooms through the Camino family. Kathy who we met getting off the train in Pamplona, walked up to us today. She started the walk two days before us but stopped for two days in Pamplona. We saw her again this evening when she checked into the hostel at which we were staying.

About 6 miles outside of Pamplona, we ascended another hill. At the top of the hill is Alto del Perdon (High of Forgiveness) which entailed another hike to 2,500 feet. Wind turbines tower over a wrought iron representation of medieval pilgrims. The inscription on the pilgrims says, “Where the way of the wind crosses the way of the stars”. Cross #7 was left hanging around the neck of a pilgrim. A nearly 360 degree view from Alto del Perdon made the trek up the hill well worth the effort. The downhill descent was another rocky path and hard.

We continued to Muruzábal and decided to stop for the day. Twelve miles seemed like a “piece of cake”.

We are headed to Estella tomorrow. Buen Camino, Sharon & Ron

6 thoughts on “Monumental Views

  1. Unlike Pamplona you will have no problem finding the route through Obanos tomorrow. You will understand when you get there.
    Cindy hiked through snow in the Pyrenees yesterday. It looks to be cold at Alto del Perdon too! Buen Camino!


    1. Since Pamplona, we have had no problems finding The Way. We stopped in Obanos to put on rain gear. The temp at Alto del Perdon was cool. We have been starting each day with gloves on. Going over the Pyrenees, the temp was in the 40’s with a brisk wind. it was cold. We are stopping for a day in Estella.


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