The Straight and Smooth Path

Proverbs 3:5-6. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Day Three 11.92 Miles—Burguete Spain to Zubiri Spain—Wow! We were proud of ourselves. We had walked over the Pyrenees Mountains with a 4,018 foot climb. The worst of the Camino walk had been conquered or so we thought. At 8:00 am, the walk began again. The town of Burguete Spain is charming and quaint but it was time to move on. We walked past pristine pastures with horses, cows and sheep grazing quietly. The temperature was cool but comfortable. The ground was flat and smooth. After the pasture land came the forested paths. Birds were chirping in the early morning mist as the sun began to rise.

There were numerous fellow pilgrims on the path with us. We discussed whether this was the actual path of Apostle James and Napoleon’s troops of if it had been rerouted in to meet the demands of modern times. We continued on this serene path until the small village of Espinal appeared. There was a small cafe next the the path. It was busy with serving pilgrims. After all, it was 10:00 in the morning and breakfast was starting to wear off. Fruit with no protein does not make for a lasting breakfast. And…this cafe had omelets with cheese, hot tea and hot coffee.

After relaxing and having some good food, we started on again. So far, the path has been well marked with the standard yellow shell pointing the way. We crossed a highway, saw the next yellow shell sign and walked again onto a smooth forested path. It had been a blissful day. Until Ron said he heard a noise in the sky that sounded like a chuckle. The rest of the way to Zubiri a nightmare. The path started uphill and went on for what felt forever. When it finally started to head downhill the ground turned into a slate formation that was tilted from level to 90 degrees and all points in between. It was the worst downhill decent we had ever made. It made the decent out of the Pyrenees seem like a cake walk. We felt we had conquered the Camino but we soon learned that we were wrong to be so proud.

Entering Zubiri at 2:00 felt so good. A hostel with a private room was located again. We did some laundry then walked around the town. Terry, Kim, Calvin and Gary from Washington had made it to town about 1:00. People were starting to walk into town who had started with us in St Jean Pied de Port. We ate dinner and started to walk back to our hostel. Street music stopped us about two blocks away. It was Gary from Washington who was walking the Camino for the fourth time. He was playing a ukulele and singing a song. There are no TV’s or electronics here. Entertainment is so much simpler.

Tomorrow we head to Pamplona. Buen Camino. Sharon and Ron

6 thoughts on “The Straight and Smooth Path

  1. By taking a wrong turn at the food truck on top of the pass I missed that slippery rock descent. Hearing everyone describe it though I was glad I missed it! Glad to hear you’re safe in Zubiri! Enjoy Pamplona! (Is Ron going to run with the Bulls?)


  2. Loving all of the details you are providing; I won’t be commenting every day, but am so appreciating what you are posting. Know that I will be reading them, more than once. Glad you are having good weather; have been following other posts on a Camino website and some people are having wind and rain every day (they started shortly before you started.) Buen Camino!


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